Techie Bits

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This is our techno babble. It’s helpful to know but really, wouldn’t you rather be riding?


Chamois Pads

Premium: Echelon Men’s

67 Italian Chamois for Hyper Pro Bib Men

The Echelon synthetic chamois is our premium pad rated for performance in the most aggressive riding conditions. The contact surface is impregnated with carbon fiber threads which naturally inhibit the growth of bacteria. The padding is dual density layered for support and comfort without being bulky. Rated at 6-8 hours of continuous riding. Made by Elastic Interface.

Premium: Echelon Women’s

68 Italian Chamois for Hyper Pro Bib Women

The Echelon synthetic chamois is also available in a women’s specific shape which is shorter with 3D molded padding specifically designed for female riders. Rated for 6-8 hours.  Made by Elastic Interface.

Performance: Peloton Men’s

HT87 Chamois for Pro Bib Men

Our Peloton synthetic chamois offering World Tour performance without being overpriced. The pad itself is 3D molded to our custom-designed shape and impregnated with carbon fiber antimicrobial fibers to minimize bacteria.  Dual density foam adds comfort and support where needed while the pad is thin, flexible and breathable in areas where mobility is key.  Rated for 4-6 hours.

Performance: Peloton Women’s

HT102 Chamois for Pro Bib Women

Our Peloton synthetic chamois is also available in a women’s specific shape that is custom-molded to our specifications based on years of rider feedback.  Rated for 4-6 hours.

Value: Fondo Men’s

14A Chamois for Elite Bib Men

Our Fondo synthetic chamois pad is our stand-out value with riders feeding back that it performs every bit as well as our more premium chamois pads.  A custom-molded shape is contoured for maximum flexibility while being supportive where needed. Rated for 4-6 hours.

Value: Fondo Women’s

12 Chamois for Elite Bib Women

The Fondo synthetic chamois is also available in a women’s specific shape which is shorter with 3D molded padding specifically designed for female riders. Rated for 4-6 hours.

Workhorse: Club Men’s

3 Chamois for Continental Shorts Men

Our Club synthetic chamois has been a workhorse in our product line from the beginning. It has proven to be reliable with consistent comfort and performance which is why it has remained unchanged for so long.  Though it is our most economical chamois pad, it still utilizes a combination of molded and stitched construction for a 3D contoured shape that conforms to the rider without bunching . Rated at 4-6 hours.

Workhorse: Club Women’s

2 Chamois for Continental Shorts Women

The Club synthetic chamois is also available in a women’s specific shape which is shorter shape specifically designed for female riders. Rated at 4-6 hours.


4-Way-StretchOur 4-way stretch material is our most conforming for second-skin-like fit. With stretch in all directions, this material is the most resistant to unwanted bunching for maximal comfort and breathability so you can focus on performance.

2-Way-StretchOur 2-way stretch material is forgiving in all directions but is biased toward more elasticity along one axis. This material is used strategically to ensure proper structure and support in areas where it’s needed most.

BreathableWe use a variety of breathable materials best suited for specific conditions and applications. Our most breathable materials are used in high heat areas such as underarms, backs and necks while materials with differing permeability are used in other areas such as sleeves and leg panels.

Wind-BlockOur Windout wind blocker material is used in outerwear such as vests and jackets and is available in varying thicknesses and to suit a variety of thermal applications.

UPF-ProtectionAll our materials exhibit some UPF factor however certain premium materials are specifically rated to UPF50 for the ultimate in protection against harmful UV rays.

Safety-ReflectiveMany of our products have integrated reflective flags, trim and graphics to add a measure of visibility when worn in low light conditions.

Water-ProofOur waterproof materials are designed to completely block the penetration of water to keep you dry in the nastiest of conditions.

Water-RepellantOur water repellant material offers short-term protection against the wet so that moisture does not collect near your skin. Water repellent materials maintain breathability to keep you dry and comfortable.

Sublimated-WoolIt’s hard to beat wool for it’s thermal regulation and quick drying properties and now, we offer and wool and polyester blend material that can be customized with your graphics through dye sublimation just like our other products.