Care for Your Hyperthreads

Our apparel is easy to love.

Caring for your Hyperthreads apparel does not have to be a chore.
A few simple practices to remember will have your kit looking great and lasting for years.


Wash in cold water

Your Hyperthreads apparel should always be washed in cold water with a color-safe mild detergent. It’s true, dye sublimation inks are bonded to the polyester fibers but washing in cold water will ensure your creation stays vibrant and bold.

Hang dry

Your Hyperthreads kit will not shrink in heated dryers but the heat and tumbling do cause the polyester fibers to become brittle over time. In addition, some of our apparel utilizes heat welded seams which may also become brittle when dried with heat. Hang drying also imparts the least stress on the seams and material ensuring the most consistent fit and feel while maximizing durability.

Never bleach

Polyester is a synthetic material that degrades with harsh acids like bleach. Avoid bleaching and if washed regularly with mild detergent, even the muddiest stains will wash out leaving vibrant colors and bright whites.

Turn shorts inside out

It’s best to turn bibs or shorts with chamois pads inside out before tossing them in the washing machine. These pads are where bacteria tends to gather so flipping those bottoms out will ensure they thoroughly come in contact with water and detergent.

Bag that hook and loop

Hook and loop closures on products like gloves and some of our MTB baggy shorts are effective at cinching down cuffs and waistbands but unfortunately are also pretty grabby when it comes to tumbling around in a washing machine. These closures can abrade other items in the same washing load so it’s advised to place them in a mesh laundry bag before joining the others.