Hyperthreads Virtual Challenges

Real Challenges. Real Prizes. Real Glory.


Let’s face it, the world has forever changed.  Technology was already setting the pace for how we live and global pandemics, climate change, population explosions are constantly stepping up the game.  By nature, You, We, Us – the people who can be found in the mountains, behind handlebars and beneath the sky live in a world where we are in that race with Technology.  Sometimes it’s our teammate and sometimes it’s our adversary.

So we are embracing Technology be it friend or foe but in the end, our goal is to motivate you, challenge you and reward you for all the blood, sweat and tears you put into your sport every day.

The rules are simple.  Choose a Challenge below.  Choose as many as you like.  There’s never any entry fee but the rewards are real.  You must join our Strava Group (we use Strava to view results) and follow us on Instagram (we use Instagram to announce winners.)

Then get out there and challenge yourself.