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Hyperthreads apparel is designed with the athlete in mind from the first stitch down to the last. Our products begin as large rolls of polyester and nylon sourced from the finest European mills. A mirror image of your design is then printed onto large format paper with an array of state-of-the-art plotters, each using up to 8 base colors simultaneously to produce the most vibrant and vivid representation of your vision. Heat and pressure are applied which bonds the color into the material fiber for colorfastness that lasts the full life of the product resulting in an incredible look while preserving the active nature of the material. The printed material is cut using a CNC laser, trimmings recycled where possible, and remaining panels taken to our sewing department where expert craftspeople sew each individual garment by hand. Zippers, chamois, and tags are integrated and the completed pieces are quality checked and pressed before being packaged and shipped, typically in 4 weeks.


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