The High School Mountain bike scene is kind of a big deal in Utah, and all across the country. We have had the pleasure of supporting the league from our very beginnings, this year being the most involved we have ever been. And let me tell you, there is something special happening in Utah, and the future of the sport is growing rapidly and is tremendous hands.


This year the focus of the league with “The Difference Of One” with the focus to Be the One. The One sponsor who donates time, energy and resources to supporting the over 2500 kids on bikes. The One coach who gives their time, knowledge, and expertise to make sure kids are prepared and safe at races, as well as building confidence in the kids to Be the One to take on new challenges and put themselves out there. The One kid who has down syndrome but refuses to let difficulty and handicaps stop them from participating in the sport that they love. The One Parent who’s child struggles with disabilities, self confidence, or ride abilities and the parent spends their nights and weekends enduring bumps and bruises along side their child to develop those skills and traits. We support those who make an effort to make a Difference in the One.

The Experience: Impactful.

This year we were able to participate in all 9 races from Powder Mountain to St. George. This made for a crazy fall, but it also gave us insight and perspective to the real hard work and dedication that is put into each and every one of the events by the volunteer staff as well as the UTMTB staff. We grew to appreciate the ins and outs of setup on Fridays (Thursdays for most of their crew), hoping that everything was still in tact on Saturday morning (dang you Eagle Mountain), and take down and awards ceremonies into the evenings. We were even lucky enough to play sweeper in the T-Rex costume for the Halloween Race.

At the end of it all what impacted us the most was to see the consistent effort put in by countless staff and volunteers who aren’t paid much or anything at all, but contribute their time, effort, and resources to providing an experience for kids and parents to experience the joy of riding and racing a bike. We are especially grateful for the volunteers who we directly work with to make the merchandise something worthwhile for the league, as well as give kids, parents, siblings and grandparents something to take home to remember their racing by.

The Future: Bright Light Emoji

We look forward to our continued partnership with the Utah High School Mountain Bike League through 2017 and beyond. We are committed to their mission and goals and hope to continue to support them as long as they’ll let us. We look forward to helping coaches and parents navigate the clothing and merchandise responsibilities for the team to remove the stress and as much of the financial burden as we can.

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