We like to keep fast company.  If you or your team find yourself winning races lately and are interested in potential sponsorship, please send us your team or race resume. Sponsorships are available in many forms from discounted gear to full support. Hyperthreads is seeking top athletes in Road and Offroad Cycling, Triathlon and Running. Let us know if you have what it takes.


Several of Hyperthread’s colleagues and partners who are also involved in extreme and endurance sports may be seeking opportunities to support top performing athletes. If you are interested in riding their products and believe you would represent their brands well in competition, please feel free to contact them below.  We’ve compiled them here for your convenience.  Please note that a Hyperthreads Sponsorship does not necessarily include Affiliate Sponsorship and vice versa.  Each brand’s sponsorship opportunities are managed individually and independent of Hyperthreads.


Acoca has been a leading bicycle manufacturer for over 20 years and is currently promoting their new line of plus, fat and gravel bikes.

Sponsorship Contact:

Currently Closed

Website: www.acoca.com.cn


Alexrims is a leading producer of bicycle rims and wheels with their products on nearly every bicycle brand in the world.

Sponsorship Contact: 


Website: www.alexrims.com


Factor Components by Novatec has risen to the top of the offroad wheel world with top athletes like Brian Lopes, Kyle Strait and Cam Zink having been on their roster.

Sponsorship Contact:


Website: www.novatecusa.net 


KS is the leading brand in dropper posts. They’ve dominated enduro raving and have expanded to XC, CX and even Road.

Sponsorship Contact: 


Website: www.kssuspension.com


Novatec is a leading maker of hubs and complete wheelsets with performance carbon and alloy wheels for all disciplines on and offroad.

Sponsorship Contact:


Website: www.novatecusa.net


Prowheel is a leading OEM manufacturer of cranks and chainrings for the world’s top brands. They are seeking to augment their product development efforts through racers and competitive riders.

Sponsorship Contact:

Currently Closed 

Website: www.pro-wheel.com


Smanie is a leading maker of performance saddles for every category of cycling. Proprietary materials and manufacturing techniques make their saddles light without sacrificing comfort.

Sponsorship Contact:


Website: www.smanie.com

TRP is a leader in high performance braking systems for Road, Road Disc, Cross, Offroad and TT. They are a supporter of top athletes in nearly every cycling discipline with a pedigree consisting of podium wins and world titles.

Sponsorship Contact:


Website: www.trpbrakes.com

Union Sport

Union Sport saddles feature cutting edge design and technology utilizing their double pivot shell design which optimizes support and comfort while reducing weight.

Sponsorship Contact:


Website: www.union-sport.com

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