Occasionally we order extras when a customer order comes through.  Either we really like the design, need more samples to send out for sizing, or we try to COA (Cover Our Asses) by having a few on hand if we made a mistake on the order form.  Well after 2 years we have a ton of samples.  We tried tucking them away in the corner, but then it just looked like a messy corner.  So then we put them in bins.  After about 8 feet tall worth of bins built up we decided it was time to get rid of some of the older samples.  So leading up to Thanksgiving we thought it would be a good idea to run a food drive along side a sample sale. We offered a discount: every 5 cans = $5 Hyperdollar’s.  See Hyperdollar – and no you couldn’t just print this and bring it in. That’s forgery. And they’ve expired. 


Leading up to the sale we approached Boyer Company about using the bay next to us for the sale, which they graciously donated for a few days.  So we setup our tents, took the bins, racking, and the samples next door.  We setup the tents to keep the area confined, and put the samples out on the tables.  Then we pulled the trailer in side and opened up the doors with a goal to fill the trailer (5×10 trailer), yeah kind of ambitious we know.


Monday rolls around, and of course we have people waiting at the doors in the rain with their can’s in hand!  Which was definitely encouraging, seeing how it was a Monday morning prior to Thanksgiving.  Monday’s traffic continued to be consistent and we collected nearly 800 cans alone on Monday!  Tuesday followed up with another 450 cans!

We took the can’s to the Utah Food Bank drop off location a few blocks away at the Catholic Services facility. They were very grateful for the generosity displayed by our customer base, and wished to convey their gratitude.  Thank you!


We’ll probably do 1 sample sale per year, and perhaps it’ll be a little different timeline just depending on how tall the bins get!  So keep tabs on the social feeds and email’s for a heads up.



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