Fairlee Frey is a Registered Nurse & Professional Mountain Bike Athlete based in Boise, Idaho. She lives for adventure and can be talked into almost anything dangerous, exciting, or both.

Below is her review of our Hyper Pro Kit:

“The art of a good kit is something to be appreciated.
That being said, I remember googling the phrase “cycling kit” as a new rider and being confused, as it seemed like a strange way to describe matching bike shorts and a jersey. Don’t all of the other sports call that a uniform? Oh well. Over time, the word “kit” has made its way into my vocabulary, and I still smile thinking about what the non-cycling world must picture when we talk about our kits at the local pizza parlor.

After a year of riding around in it, I’d love to tell you about my personal favorite: The Hyperthreads Hyper Pro Kit. Inspired by the World Road Tour, sleek in design and loaded with some brilliant features- this one takes the cake in my gear closet (and frequently gets worn as soon as its out of the dryer.) There is also a Men’s Version with the same great quality and features, so be sure to check it out too!

Not unlike high-quality bike chains, a really well-done kit is easy to forget about. When there are no itchy tags, thick seams that press into your hip bones, zippers that catch, chamois pads that fall a few hours short, or collars that scratch- the focus really stays on the ride, which is where it belongs.



No slippy leg bands


Low-profile collar, locking zipper, high-quality and light fabric


Here’s a few of my favorite Hyper Pro Kit features:

  1. Compressive Aero Sleeves: Personally, I love slightly longer sleeves. A little extra protection from the sun, snug fit, and no annoying shoulder “creep” that can happen with some shorter jersey cuts.
  2. Angled PocketsI’ve have had some pretty interesting times fishing snacks out of my pockets while riding. Simple detail here but with the diagonal cut, it’s really dang easy to get to my snacks with minimal contortionist activities.
  3. Full-length YKK Locking Zipper: Keyword is “locking.” Nothing worse than being cross-eyed from an interval set on a hot day, pedaling home and realizing you are no longer appropriately dressed because your non-locking zipper has slipped.
  4. Vented Mesh Under-Arms and Breathable, Light Torso Material: I live and mostly train in a desert climate- a.k.a it gets pretty toasty here in the West. Anything mesh is your best friend when it comes to cooling and temperature regulation.
  5. Durable & High-Quality Chamois:Hyperthreads uses the Echelon 6-8 Hour Chamois in this kit and it has never let me down. I’m pretty picky about this sort of thing and will happily spend a little extra $ to make sure I never have to shorten a ride or be miserable on a long saddle day.
  6. Lazer-Cut Shoulder Straps: No itchy stitches or mesh tears. They also don’t discolor or warp the way some of the more “meshy” straps do, staying nice and crisp- wash after wash.
  7. Silicone Leg Grippers: What the heck? On the inside of the Hyper Pro bib shorts are small amounts of silicone on the leg bands that prevent the fabric from sliding all over the place, all without restricting blood flow to your muscles. In addition to crisper tan lines, these also ensure that there will be no trailside wedgie-fixing to worry about.
  8. Mega-Durable: Did I mention I’ve been logging serious miles in this combo all season? The photos in this write up were taken today- the colors are still strong, the stitching is still perfect, the zipper works beautifully, and I am one of those monsters who happens to machine wash her kits. Sorry.
  9. Good Colors: The whole kit series is well done- there are lots of very wearable colors offered for all types of riders. “Color” might sound pretty obvious, but a nice, wearable color really makes it easy to throw this on for anything from training to a race day.

Details really do make the difference in a sport like cycling where we spend so much time playing on our bikes and enjoying the world around us- I’m pretty excited that Hyperthreads nailed all of them in this kit. They can also customize any of their kits for small order batches- so if you are thinking you want to race in a well-made kit, these folks totally have you covered. ”


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