July 14, Alex Grant and Evelyn Dong take the top step in the men’s and women’s elite field, during the Crusher in the Tushar, cycling race.

Both athletes wore Hyperthreads Venture Bibs during the race and mentioned how helpful it was to have the convenience of extra, accessible pockets on the legs as well as the additional pockets on the back (men’s version only). Alex and Evelyn were not the only athletes using our venture bibs during the race. The returning champion, Zach Calton, has been using his venture bibs in almost every event since he won in 2018. 

Everyone we saw with venture bibs, had a slightly different strategy. Everyone loves the convenience and ease of access the side pockets provide, and the compression and security of the rear pockets for tools, Co2’s and other items they don’t need immediate access to. We caught up with Alex, the night before the race, for a quick run-down of how he planned to use the extra pockets. 


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